3 pH Lessons From Your Pool That Can Boost Weight Loss

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Dr. Frank Marghella

While it’s important to test pool water for the right pH for swimming, here are 3 lessons it can tell you about losing weight

Testing the pH (measure of acidity vs alkalinity) of pool water is of utmost importance. After all, the bodies swimming in the pool have their own pH levels and attendant tolerances of acid or alkaline environments. Pool water is based on this. But, if this much care is taken to balance factors of immersion in water external to the body, what of internal? Doesn’t it seem even more vital to care for the pH of water intake? It does because it is.

1. pH in pool water is adjusted because of body tolerances.

Pool water is considered ideal when the pH is at 7.4 because that is the level of the mucous membranes in the eyes. Such a match of alkalinity makes for a more comfortable swim as the eyes can tolerate that level. Here is an example of proper pH balance creating ease of activity. Just as this holds true externally, so does it internally.

2. pH in drinking water is often neglected though more important.

Drinking water is a great influence on many body processes. Largely dependent upon water, the body has numerous requirements for it, among which is pH level. Normal drinking water can range from 6-8.5 in pH. The high 6’s and 7’s are considered ideal as this matches the ideal alkalinity in the body. Many factors including pollutants and contaminants in ground water can cause the water to become acid making it tend to work against the body when consumed. One of these processes is the burning of fat.

3. The ideal pH for losing fat may be higher than your drinking water

While on the subject of intake and the acidity or alkalinity of the food and water you consume in relation to your body’s pH, it might do well to talk about fat burning and weight loss and the ideal environment in which it occurs. The body needs to be more alkaline for this process to occur and modern diets fight against this. Even popular brand spring water has been found to be on the acid side with pH measurements as low as 5.8, very acid when it comes to weight loss. Modern processed foods also lower the pH of the body, even ones purported to be “diet” or “healthy” foods. This can explain much of the frustration dieters experience when they seem to be doing everything right, but, in turn, do not lose the weight or inches they desire.

The best start is to check pH inside and out.

Just as you would test pool water daily for pH levels to match the human body so should you test your food. And, just as pool water that is not the correct pH can adversely affect the body, so can your foods which could be changing your pH levels as we speak. Just as pool water needs to be “shocked” to get it into proper ranges, so does, often times, your body.

At Ideal Health and Wellness center, the pH levels of the body are taken into account as a primary action and tested accurately. This, however, is merely a starting point. Wellness is approached by a multi-faceted diagnostic look first, tracing symptoms back to causes. Quick results and relief can be obtained to jumpstart you on your way to your goals with tools such as LipoLaser technology for fast inch loss and chiropractic care for relief from painful conditions blocking health. Visit Ideal Health and Wellness Center today to meet with the doctor and discuss your heath goals and, above all, get that pH tested and the mystery surrounding it solved!