First Watch Seasonal Photo Shoot

First Watch After Hours – Seasonal Menu Photoshoots!

April 24, 2017

Hi everyone!

I hope springtime is treating you well. It’s definitely keeping us busy here at First Watch with lots of travels, some fun menu creation, a new Spring menu in all our restaurants that’s getting some fantastic feedback, and lots more. I wanted to write this post to take you behind the scenes of our seasonal food photoshoots!

I know you’ve seen those mouthwatering photos that we share on our website, table cards, window posters and Sun eClub emails. Well, those beautiful materials are the product of the hard work of our crew of about 8 – our culinary and marketing teams, our partners at ACME Brand Studio, Mary who makes sure our fresh food is looking photogenic, and our talented photographer friend, John Deeb. Here’s a look behind the scenes!

The thought process, recipe creation and planning for our seasonal menu items are usually done far in advance – It’s not uncommon for us to have each one planned out up to a year in advance! Two or three months before each seasonal menu launches, I get to visit our brothers and sisters in Tampa at the First Watch on Henderson Blvd., where we host these fun photoshoots five times a year. Tom, Brandi, Sekou and the rest of Team Henderson are always so helpful when we come in and take over the restaurant for about 6 hours – You all rock!


4After months of testing and tweaking recipes and working with our purchasing and distribution team to iron out sourcing logistics, I get to make some of our latest and greatest, not-yet-introduced dishes for the camera! There’s a lot that goes into each dish at the photoshoot that you may not think of – everything from which plates to use, which way each item on the dish should face and which of our fresh juices or coffee will complement the dish better, to things like trying to make sure a ball of fresh mozzarella doesn’t look like a hard-boiled egg in the photo!

I usually arrive at First Watch Henderson around noon on photoshoot day, so I can work with the team in the kitchen to prep all the goodness that we’ll be using for the photoshoot after the restaurant closes at 2:30. We spend some time chopping, slicing, juicing (and taste-testing!) before having a quick lunch while the staff closes up shop for the day. Since Tampa Bay is our test market, our 12 restaurants there are always serving different menu items from the rest of our restaurants. So it’s always fun to have lunch in Tampa – but that’s a story for another blog post!

Once the restaurant is closed, the staff is finished with their work, and our crew has loaded all their gear in, then it’s time to get the party started. We spend about an hour on each dish – preparing it with the freshest ingredients, arranging them on our plateware, and shooting from lots of different angles, from various distances and using different backdrops to figure out what works best. It’s a fun and fascinating team effort that I look forward to with each new menu.


After we’ve finished shooting the three or four new seasonal dishes, then we usually move on to the Fresh Juice Bar! We introduce at least one new juice with every seasonal menu. These are fun to shoot, but can be difficult with obstacles like melting ice and condensation. Here are some pictures we took while John was shooting our Morning Meditation and Kale Tonic a couple weeks ago!



It’s really cool to see these new menus through the whole process – from inspiration and experimentation all the way through to testing in our Tampa Bay restaurants and eventually full execution at First Watch locations nationwide. Without lots of dedication and expertise from our marketing team and creative experts, we wouldn’t have the beautiful photography you see us use on our window posters, our website and those cards on our tabletops! It’s really a combination of happy, passionate, talented people and a love for food that make this whole “work” thing lots of fun!!



Cool Springs Wine & Spirits Franklin TN

Cool Springs Wine & Spirits Franklin TN
Today’s Message Board New Selections and Specials 

Cool Springs Wine and Spirits Franklin TN Interior

For more than 20 years, customers have counted on Cool Springs Wines & Spirits (CSWS) for their beverage needs. Conveniently located at 1935 Mallory Lane across from Cool Springs Galleria, we stock the largest selection of wine, spirits, beer and tobacco products – all under one roof – in Middle Tennessee. Recognized as 2014 Retailer of the Year for Best Merchandising by Market Watch Magazine, Cool Springs Wines & Spirits is committed to 100% customer satisfaction and offering the area’s largest product selection. Our mission is to guarantee lowest prices, exceed customer expectations, and to continue support of Big Brothers Big Sisters through the annual presentation of the Franklin Wine Festival.

When you visit Cool Springs Wines & Spirits, you’ll find more than 21,000 square feet of combined retail and warehouse space. Our spacious, well-organized coolers and floor racks are stocked full of wines, spirits and beers. Near the Oak Room – where we house our highly-rated wines and Collector’s Corner – stop by antique bar… don’t worry, you can’t miss it! This is where we feature regular tastings and you may even be lucky enough to meet one of the distillers, brewmasters or winemakers whose product we offer.

At the front of the store, near the registers, shoppers will find a gated play area for children. The wide aisles are easy to navigate and the racks were purposely designed to be lower than eye level, enabling easy navigation, in addition to theft deterrence.

Adjacent to Cool Springs Wines & Spirits is Woody’s Smokes & Brews. The intimate shop stocks a vast selection of cigars, tobacco, e-cigs, pipes and low-gravity beer. An outside patio offers curb-appeal while the state-of-the-art, walk-in humidor and nearby growler station are what bring the customers in.

A shopping trip to Cool Springs Wines & Spirits is truly an experience. Come see for yourself and discover why we were named the 2014 Retailer of the Year for Best Merchandising by Market Watch Magazine.



Attention wine collectors and connoisseurs, the Oak Room is where Cool Springs Wines & Spirits houses all of its collectible wines. This special room is stocked with rare, unique brands such as, Chateau Mongravey Margaux, Veuve Clicquot Brut Rose and Pahlmeyer Chardonnay. If these and other hard to find collectibles are your passion, then the CSWS Oak Room has everything you need. Our knowledgeable staff can help you pick out your next unique gift, discover a new wine pairing for that special meal or add that special vintage you’ve searching for to your wine cellar. Check out our favorites here!

Beer Team


Why a beer corner? For those of you new to the interesting beer laws in Tennessee, it breaks down like this: To sell any beer above 6.2% alcohol, you must have a liquor license. Thus you can’t find many of the best beers available in grocery or regular beer stores. To get the best IPAs, seasonals, stouts, barley wines, meads, porters, Belgians, bocks, etc…you have to go to a bar or a liquor store like Cool Springs Wines & Spirits. If you’re a beer lover, you must stop by and see
our selection. It keeps getting bigger and brighter every day. Want to know the difference between a lager and a stout or a mead and a porter? We’ll tell you in our beer descriptions – we’ll also share our favorites.

Overlook Tastings


The Overlook Tasting room, fully stocked with everything needed for your next private event, is ideal for your company meeting and perfect for that special occasion tasting. Overlooking the entire store, you and your guests will have a bird’s eye view as you taste from the largest selection available in Tennessee. CSWS is equipped to handle all your needs. Book our Overlook Tasting Room today!


Cool Springs Wines & Spirits features all the brands you know and love, including rare finds and your favorite local brands, at the best prices in town. Whether a bourbon for sipping or a vodka for mixing, our staff can help you find exactly what you are looking for. From unusual digestifs (after dinner drinks) to hard-to-find scotches, we carry the newest releases and limited editions. Check out our spirits section with our staff selections.


Exploring new tastes and flavors expands your palate, which is why we sample new wines and more every Tuesday at our In-Store Tasting bar. Each week CSWS staff members hand select products for in-store tastings. Our bar is the perfect place to explore the latest, greatest wines & spirits. Our staff will not only educate you, but will introduce your palette to new and exciting brands. Find out what we’re tasting next.